Senior Photo Preparation

There’s literally no end to the possibilities for your portrait. Considering all the choices is part of the fun. You may prefer to be portrayed in the classic simplicity of a studio setting, relaxing at home, enjoying your favorite outdoor activity, or all of the above. Maybe you like the elegance of being formally dressed, or you might feel that jeans and a sweater would bring out the real you.


Make sure your hair is the way you like it. For guys, this usually means getting your hair cut about a week before your session to avoid the ‘white wall’ look. Girls, stay with the style you’re familiar with ‐ don’t experiment with a new hairstyle on the day of your portrait session. For your clothing, simplicity is the key.

The following guidelines are especially important for a classic portrait look: We want your face to be the focal point of the portrait, so solid colors are best. Avoid large or bold patterns and bright colors – they draw attention away from your face. Save patterns for accent items like neckties and jewelry. We recommend long sleeves for your more formal outfits; visually, short sleeves act like big distracting stripes. Coordinate your attire from head to toe since we may take some full‐length poses. Darker clothing tends to minimize body size; light tones tend to emphasize body size. Clothing that is neither very dark nor very light (middle tones) usually works best. Keeping slacks or skirts darker than the tops is usually a good idea.

Most important of all, choose clothing you like! If you obey all the rules but wear something you dislike, you won’t like the portrait.

What to Wear for Senior Pictures?

  • Try bringing your favorite pair of jeans and a few different tops with a cami underneath. This allows you to change your top once or twice without changing your entire outfit.
  • Accessorize! Keep your outfit the same, but swap out accessories to mix it up.This includes jackets, hoodies, sweaters, jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, and/or props.
  • Make sure your outfit changes are very different. For example, your first outfit might be jeans and variety of tops and accessories, your second outfit can be athletic wear, and third a dress with heels.
  • Alternate between colors and styles. Think solids vs. patterns, loud colors vs. soft colors, t‐shirts vs. button shirts, pants vs. skirts, formal vs. casual, bold vs. timeless.
  • Bring props that illustrate who you are and what is important to you. This can be athletic accessories such as a soccer ball, a musical instrument, books, your iphone, laptop, etc.
  • There is no additional charge for a pet (Unless they bite me!), parents, siblings or friend to be incorporated into your images.
  • Be prepared and arrive with your outfits organized. It helps us go through more outfits in less time if you bring them laid out in order or categorized.
  • Curly or straight? There is not enough time to dramatically change hairstyles in a one‐hour session. However, if you select our two‐hour session you have the option of changing your hair during the shoot but this comes at the expense of shooting time and additional outfit changes.

Additional Clothing Style Tips

  • Show off your sense of style with patterns, stripes, plaids, prints, and checks! However, be sure to bring something solid and “timeless” for years to come.
  • Scarves are a great way to accessorize your images. They are perfect for active poses such as brisk walking, swinging, and dancing.
  • Wear a bright colored art necklace to bring attention to your face.
  • Cinched belts and oversized bracelets add sparkle and definition to your attire.
  • Hoodies with bright colors, bold patterns, and metallic embroidery are another way to jazz up an outfit!
  • Finally, think about why you want the pictures and to whom you will give them.Your school might have special requirements for their yearbook photos, your grandmother might want something classic, and you might want something professional to use during your first year of college. Keep the result in mind as you select the clothing you wish to wear.

Make-up Tips

Here are a few suggestions that I have found to work especially well for portrait photography. In addition to preparing with the right make‐up, you should be sure that your nails are looking their best too.

Last But Not Least

The most important thing to bring is a ‘positive attitude’ so that we can make this a fun and productive shoot for you! I look forward to working with you.